Do you know this man?

santa1.jpgDo you trust this guy? Think you know him? Do you even like him?

Many do not.

On the surface their reasons for disdain of this man and the image of him are sound. He has sadly become a pathetic figurehead of a season of excess. He is used to sell wares from an endless variety of industries. He seemingly endorses countless services and dubious habits. He some times appears on TV or in movies with questionable morals, off-color jokes, a disheveled appearance or an undignified manner.

Some harbor profound bitterness against him.

As adults, they shun him because as children he deceived them. He has made parents unworthy of trust.

He has become the butt of jokes.

He openly espouses poor nutritional habits, he keeps an army of individuals enslaved at a fictional place at the top of the world and he can be seen on nearly every corner during the holiday season holding his hand out for money.

Everyone recognizes him and knows his image well. But by only the very naive is he loved or thought of kindly.

The truth is that he is none of these things.

He is, in fact and in reality, a good man.

He is a man devoted to the service of others and once revered by millions as the patron saint of children. In his time more than 2000 churches in the lands of Europe and what was known as Asia Minor bore his name in reverence and appreciation for his real life and his real deeds. His popularity was so widespread that dozens of cultures still celebrate his exploits for good.

This is the man we defend.

This is the man we call Santa Claus.

Our mission is to inform the world of Santa’s true origins. We believe the more folks know his history the more he will be given the respect he deserves. We seek to call out those who abuse the image of Santa Claus. We boldly hold a standard high of just who this man was, who he is, and who he should be to kids of all ages.